The KAB TD1200 Fluid Damping System

All tonearms and cartridges have a sympathetic resonant frequency - optimally 8-12 Hz. Record warps, external vibration and feedback from speakers can activate this resonance. It can often be seen as woofer pumping. This shock induced resonance causes a loss of imaging detail. Fluid damping all but eliminates shock induced resonance. Furthermore, fluid damping will extend bass response, make tracking serious warps childs play and put an end to lead in groove hopping on cue down. Fluid damping is a meaningful attribute found on the best tonearms made today.

KAB TD1200

Installing The KAB TD1200 Fluid Damping System

Study the photograph. Hold the damping trough against the arm base. Be sure it stays level with the curved cueing bar directly behind it. Tighten the set screw snugly. The Paddle slips over the cueing arm support. Take your time for this set screw is a little difficult to get to. Make quarter turn rotations. when you feel resistance, just snug the screw at that point, go no further. Away from the turntable, carefully insert the plunger into the syringe. Remove the black cap and push the plunger to get it started. It will take some pressure. Fill the damping trough only half way, no more

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