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Complete Power Supply System
FOR TECHNICS SL1200/1210 MK2,3,5,6 & M5G

   KAB began its relationship with the 1200 in 1994 with our Broadcast Standard version which featured 78 rpm. We were the first to introduce the 1200 to audiophiles, when we added the TD-1200 tonearm fluid damping system in 2000. We introduced the very first outboard regulated power supply for the SL1200 in 2003. The PS-1200GX introduced in 2009 to meet energy efficiency guidelines. And with the advent of new high efficiency linear AC transformers the new PS-1200GXL all linear power supply is here for 2020.

    The PS-1200GXL retains the energy efficiency of the prior model but no longer relies on a switch mode power supply; so no more back fed power line noise or interference. The PS-1200GXL provides a very clean and quiet DC voltage. It eliminates three sources of sonic contamination: The electromagnetic field and mechanical vibration of the internal transformer; and the large peak-to-peak ripple voltage of the internal power supply. It is a complete system consisting of an efficient power conditioner, updated internal regulator(DC-1200) and strobe lamp on-off switch(SX-1200). We never stop improving; The PS-1200GXL is our latest solution to the entire power supply system and it sells for less than half the cost of old fashioned alternatives.

Since the PS-1200GXL is external and the AC power is provided by a wall mount linear AC transformer located far away, the 'table plays quieter. Sonically this enhances low level resolution and intertransient silence. The PS1200GXL control box can be located close to the turntable without fear of hum fields radiating into the cartridge. This cannot be said for many of the overpriced old fashioned alternatives out there which house conventional unshielded power transformers in non ferrous aluminum boxes. Pretty as they are, these designs actually radiate more low frequency EMF into your listening space than the stock original internal transformer! Over 10 years old, many of them, those old fashioned and inefficient designs are now, in our opinion simply overpriced, worrisome and technically out of date.

    The KAB PS-1200GXL meets the latest standards regarding power supply efficiency. It is a green design that consumes less than 0.21 watt in standby mode. The PS-1200 GXL is for 120V 60hz markets.

Forever improving your 1200, The place for state of the art performance and value will always be right here at KAB.

Note: Installation of this product requires basic electronic skills. Tools required are Phillips screwdriver, small flat blade screwdriver and wire strippers. Soldering is required for SX-1200 board. Only for Technics SL-1200/1210 MK2,3,5,6 and M5G series turntables. SENSE feature requires north American power plug..

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  • 20V DC Regulated Output Voltage
  • Linear AC Transformer Level VI EISA Efficiency
  • 4 x 1000 uF Reservoir Capacitor
  • DC Supply Line Noise: < 200uV(10-100Khz)
  • SENSE Line For Power Switch Detection
  • Weight: 2.75 Lb.
  • Dimensions : 4.17" X 5.0" X1.52"
  • Owners Manual

    The 1200 original power supply has very little reservoir capacitance, 470 uF. The bulk of the supply filtering is performed by the DC regulator, doubling as a capacitance multiplier. These circuits are common, but they are not optimum. The PS1200GXL system replaces the internal regulator with our updated DC-1200 and has 4000uF of filtering.

   By incorporating a hi efficiency linear power transformer, schottky rectifier diodes and 4000uF capacitor, the DC leading into the 1200 is now a strong clean source of power. This lets the internal regulator do a better job of regulating the motor load.

Also, since the internal power transformer, is deactivated, any additional source of EMI and mechanical vibration is eliminated. The turntable plays quieter.

    The PS-1200GXL uses a new linear wall mount AC power transformer that meets level VI of EISA efficiency standards.

Both DC-1200 and SX-1200 are included in our complete power supply system, the PS1200GXL. As a complete system, the PS1200GXL reigns a tight control over the power distribution within your 1200 assuring the best possible performance.

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Totally Green Design
  • SENSE Line For Power On-Off
  • EISA Level VI Efficiency from a Linear Wall Transformer.

   The introduction of linear AC wall transformers that meet EISA Level VI efficiency changed everything. Until now, only switch mode power packs were available, and while they can be made clean on the output side, they still send noise back into the power line. The ability to go back to an all linear power source is a big step forward in audio. Let's hope more companies follow us on this.

Since the PS-1200GXL is external and completely linear, it will not add noise to your audio power system. all original sources of mechanical vibration and all sources of electrical noise are eliminated. The 'table plays quieter. Sonically this enhances low level resolution and intertransient silence.

    The SENSE line detects the original power switch in the turntable. This way you turn the PS1200GXL on and off just by using the original power switch. This feature requires your 1200 to have a north american power plug.

Notes On Power Supply Design

If you are planning on building your own power supply, here are some hints.

  1. Be sure to keep one regulator close to the motor circuit board. Some designs locate the only regulator with the AC components in a separate chassi and then connect with a cord. The inductance of just 2 feet of wire will defeat the hi frequency performance of the regulator and could cause all sorts of noise problems deep inside the table. Or consider a 3 wire design with a load sensing return line to cancel the effects of the cable.
  2. Never use a non ferrous chassi. Using an aluminum chassis lets the EMF from the power transformer bleed right through. A toroid transformer will radiate up to 20 Miligauss. A steel chassis reduces that to below 7mG, aluminum however lets all 20mG pass right through. If you must use an aluminum box either internally shield the transformer or, mount the PS at least 1-2 feet from the turntable.


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