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Designed utilising cutting-edge 3D CAD modelling and simulation, the Isonoe isolation system is machined from raw magnesium alloy billets by multi-axis CNC machinery to within a tolerance of 1 micron.

The system embodies numerous mechanisms that inhibit the transfer of vibration: The central cradle mechanism (application filed with the Patent Office) is formed from a visco-elastic polymer able to deflect vibrational energies across a broad bandwidth.

The body and hub are made from a specific grade of magnesium alloy imbued with exceptionally high rigidity, implemented to maximise the ratio of stiffness between the elastomer cradle and the alloy (the higher the ratio in favour of the alloy, the greater the efficacy of the elastomer cradle).
Isonoe SL1200 Footer
Stainless-steel bearings in the base of the outer body block the transfer of energy by keeping the point of physical contact area between surfaces to a minimum (akin to a more contemporary version of spikes in hi-fi).
Isoenoe In Action On 1200
An independent research study proving the effectiveness of the Isonoe isolation system is currently being undertaken by the World leading Institute of Sound and Vibration research facility at Southampton University:

Further improve isolation by adding Isonoe Sorbothane Boots and Instrument Glass Inserts. The complete system produces near total isolation from vibration and oscillation. It is interesting to note that the stock SL1200 feet have a resonance at precisely 29Hz. This can be troublesome at high volume playback.

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