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KAB DC-1200


KAB DC1200 Internal Regulator

   KAB began its relationship with the 1200 in 1994 with our Broadcast Standard version which featured 78 rpm. We were the first to introduce the 1200 to audiophiles, when we began selling the TD-1200 tonearm fluid damping system in 2000. We introduced the very first outboard regulated power supply for the SL1200 in 2003.

   In our continuing effort to improve the performance of the Technics 1200 and the efficiency of power delivery, KAB is pleased to offer the DC1200, a complete replacement for the old original 20V DC power supply regulator. For best motor performance, you must have a regulator close to the actual motor circuitry. There are rather expensive options out there that actually move the only regulator into a separate box connected through a long cable. That's just poor engineering. With some small changes, you can improve those designs as well by adding our DC-1200.

The circuit installs quickly with only 3 wire connections. No soldering required. It takes all the effort out of troubleshooting a faulty power supply, and improves performance for a very low price.

Unlike the stock power supply, the DC-1200 is short circuit proof. The DC-1200 delivers noise free voltage when used with the SX1200 strobe disabler. And even with the strobe lamp on the residual power line noise is just 560uV. That's really quiet power delivery.

The DC-1200 improves the performance of any external power supply in three ways. First, it improves load regulation, second it features an automatic transfer circuit that lets you use the internal PS or the External PS and third, it ensures tight regulation of the motor speed. And unlike any other competing PS that we know of, our DC-1200 mirrors the same slow turn on waveform of the stock power supply (250ms) That way, your motor circuitry is not slammed every time you power up your turntable. And lastly, it elminates the bad effects of resistive and inductive losses on the connecting cable. I cannot stress enough that for best performance, there must be a regulator circuit inside the turntable. Panasonic put regulation there for a reason and The KAB DC-1200 improves on that peformance many times over and at a fair and down to earth price. The DC-1200 fits all SL-1200MK2-6 only.

Forever improving your 1200, The place for state of the art performance and value will always be right here at KAB.

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  • 20.5V Output
  • Noise -91db, -115dB Strobe Off
  • Short Circuit Protected
  • 250 mS Turn On Time
  • EXT Input Fused and Polarity Protected
  • Shipping Weight 0.5 Lbs

   Back when the 1200 was originally designed, these 3 terminal regulators were not popular. And while it is so important to have regulation as close to the motor as possible, it is surprising that Technics never updated the origial design; but that should not stop us from doing it!

These modern regulators offer much better performance in all parameters plus they have short circuit protection, which anyone whose worked on a 1200 can atest that the stock power supply is very easy to fry. The stock regulator has a slow turn on time of 250 mS. Since your 1200 has gotten used to seeing the power come up at that rate, our DC 1200 retains that same profile. It takes just 4 inexpensive components to replicate that slow start profile, but we are unaware of anyone else doing it.

An efficient automatic transfer circuit allows you to use an external power supply and still retain the stock power supply as a backup. KAB has a strict policy to never remove any of the stock features of the 1200. Here is the data we accumulated in our research:

Regulator    Noise W/Strobe   Noise WO/Strobe
Stock        11.8mV(-65dB)    4.6mV(-73dB)
7820          2.8mV(-77dB)    130uV(-104dB)
LM317        580uV(-91dB)    37uV(-115dB)
Measurement made on the actual motor board.
Noise measured with B&K precision meter 20-100Khz
dB figures are noise voltage compared to 21V
LM317 includes 10uf capacitor on adjust pin.

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Easy Hookup
  • Neat Hidden Operation

   The really great features to take note of with the DC-1200 are the easy hookup, cleaner power delivery and the auto transfer capability. And of course it mounts in the same place as the original regulator maintaining the all important rule to keep reguluation close the the motor board for maximum performance and stability.

   The strobe lamp is not an obvious source of noise, but in reality the 100mA current spikes are quite substantial and while the DC-1200 can reduce this residual noise an additional 26dB, the KAB SX1200 strobe disabler is still a good option to consider as well. For as our measurements show, even with the best regulator, the strobe remains the sole source of power line noise.

   The neat hidden circuit keeps the clean appearance of your 1200 totally stock and clean.

Both DC-1200 and SX-1200 are included in our complete power supply system, the PS1200GX. As a complete system, the PS1200GX reigns a tight control over the power distribution within your 1200 assuring the best possible performance.

The DC1200 offers great value. No one beats KAB for performance and value.

KAB DC-1200

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