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Celebrating 28 Years!

KAB EV1 RECORD CLEANER    Nitty Gritty Co. of California specializes in hi value professional record cleaners. In 1992, KAB received approval to use the precision Lexan top plate -the heart of every Nitty Gritty model- in an external vacuum record cleaner of our own design, The KAB EV-1. Now celebrating the 28th year of production!

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  The EV-1 creates two breakthroughs. Weighing in at under 5 Lbs, It ships nearly anywhere in the world at very low cost. The EV-1 offers a significant cost savings over models with a built in vacuum motor.

  The latest design EV-1 is fully compatible with all style vacuums including home, shop or in wall types. And the fluid remains inside the EV-1 making it perfectly safe for home style vacuums.

  With the KAB EV-1, you apply the fluid and rotate the records manually. Includes Turner/Label protector, applicator brush and 4 oz of LP fluid . The vacuum energizes the velvet covered vac sweep slot. This action pulls the fluid into the EV1 enclosure where the fluid remains. A series of baffles, venturi air jets and a fabric filter keep any fluid or dirt from reaching your vacuum. A drain plug is provided to empty the EV-1.

   A great record cleaning value with a new low price and flat $2.70 shipping in USA!
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  • Manual Cleaner
  • Fits 7-10-12" Discs
  • KAB Gliding Platter
  • Wet Scrub Vacuum Removal
  • Velvet Covered Vacuum Slot
  • Direct Coupled Venturi Design
  • 18" flexible Connector
  • Adapters For 1-1/4" OD and ID Vac Hoses
  • Dimensions 6" X 9" X 3"
  • Shipping Weight 4.5 Lbs

   The KAB EV-1 brings professional record cleaning to more people than any other model. Manual application of fluid and record rotation, save the user a lot of money. Cleans 7, 10 and 12" records.

   Most households have a vacuum cleaner, so you already have the key ingredient to better sounding vinyl. All you need now is the EV-1!

   Operation is really very easy. And once you get the hang of it, only takes a minute or so to clean a record.

   And remember, after cleaning on a KAB EV-1, the record is ready to play or store away. No waiting for the record to "air dry", only to become contaminated and noisy again.

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Accessories included:
    - 4 oz of LP fluid
    - Applicator Brush
    - Record Turner
  • Precision Molded Cabinet
  • Precision Lexan Top Plate
  • Gray Over Black Finish

   The really great features to take note of with the KAB EV-1 Cleaner are, I believe, the ease of use and low cost. Ever since its introduction in 1992, the EV-1 has been a favorite of cost conscious record collectors and audiophiles.

   There simply is no better way to clean vinyl. The test of time has shown that wet scrub vacuum removal is the accepted and trusted method to effectively clean vinyl. The micro groove is so small, that the least little bit of contamination left behind will make noise.

   Other models offer additional convenience features like built in vacuum, motor drive and fluid application. If you find these features desirable, take a look at them. And don't miss the famous Model 1 Basic LP cleaner, a great value. But remember, all models will clean your records to the same degree.

   There are cheaper versions of the EV-1, but they lack the venturi and filter and so will only work with noisy shop vacs. That's ok if you can work with that limitation. The EV-1 is just a better, more thoughtful design. And it has the Nitty Gritty reputation standing behind it as well.



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