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    Designed from the ground up to be the very best phono stage you can own, the Souvenir EQS MK12 embodies all the feature requests accumulated over our many years of serving the historic preservation industry and audiophile hobby.

    The EQS MK12 (2005)debunks the myth that you can't have the best parts and a good price at the same time. Key features are full stereo from input to output, single ended class A gain stages, precision resistors, precision passive EQ, Dual voltage regulation, star grounding, gold teflon RCA connectors, steel chassi, and hi current power pak.

    The KAB EQS MK12 is the most flexible hi end phono stage your likely ever to see. If you collect a wide range of recordings, you owe them the best sound they can provide. The EQS MK12's twelve historic eq curves will bring those older LP's and 78's to life again.

Newly redsigned front end features a unique hybrid circuit that produces exceptionally low noise. Dual gain 36db/56db for MM/MC cartridges. Front Panel resistive loading from 25 Ohms to 100K Ohms. If you want the best sound from your mono recordings pay special attention to the mono mix control, a KAB exclusive. A final Line Stage with addition gain adjust from -12 to +15dB


  • RIAA EQ Accuracy 0.25dB
  • Passive EQ Design
  • Adjustable Gain -12 +15 dB
  • Dual Voltage Regulators
  • Output
    -12 Vrms Balanced TRS
    - 6 Vrms RCA
  • THD <0.05%
  • Input Overload 110 mV
  • Noise -85dB
  • Dimensions 1.75 x 19 x 6"
  • Shipping Weight 10 Lbs

    Maybe it's the costly marketing that makes competing products so expensive, I don't know, but it really is not all that expensive to include hi quality parts like Wima propylene capacitors and gold/teflon RCA's. Yet the sonic advantages of doing these things is unquestionable.

    The EQS MK12 features 12 EQ curves spanning the history of disc recording. Each curve is selected via an interlocked switch array. Full Stereo. Channels are matched to 0.25 dB

    Dual voltage regulation effectively isolates the power supply for absolutely quiet hum free performance at any volume level.

    All steel construction wards off the effects of stray magnetic fields.

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Full Stereo In To Out
  • Gold Teflon RCA's
  • TRS Style Balanced Outputs
  • 2 Phono Inputs
  • Processor Loop
    Phono Select
    Line/Phono In
    Resistive loading
    12 EQ curves
    Process Loop
    Rumble Filter
    Mono W/Mix Control
    Gain Adjust
  • Metal Film Resistors
  • Star Grounding
  • Steel Chassi
  • Hi Current Power Pak

    The really great features to take note of with the EQS MK12 are, I believe, the high performance and flexibility. There simply is no phono stage with this kind of flexibility. Read the features list carefully. I cannot imagine anyones listening hobby going beyond the capability of the MK12.

    One of the biggest let downs with phono stages is noise and hum. Phono stages must be quiet at normal and above normal listening levels. The KAB EQS MK12 is very quiet. Ggain stages use hand selected IC's and transistors for best noise performance. Dual and Triple voltage regulation eliminates any chances of hum.

    Front panel controls for cartridge loading and gain give you an added new dimension in optimizing the sound of your system. The Vertical setting lets you get a handle on cartridge azimuth adjustments. The Mono Mix is great for optimizing noise and distortion on older mono recordings.

    The EQS MK12 follows the KAB tradition of true single ended Polar Stable design. This technique operates the circuitry in a constant state of preconditioning(often called Burn In). This ensures a very consistent sound quality that never waivers.

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